Adopted. Born in New Jersey, raised in Massachusetts outside of Boston. 1993 Best Thespian, Weston High School. BS, English Education, Boston University, Class of 2000. Living, working and singing in Nashville, Tennessee. Executive Assistant. Single. Auntie. Cat-mom. Homeowner. Blues singer/songwriter. Pro Blues Jam Hostess. Shitty guitar player. Aggressive driver. Bullshit-detector. Potty mouth. (Obviously.) Proponent of small government with conservative party inclinations. (No, I didn’t vote Trump.) INFJ. HSP. Cancer Sun. Cancer Moon. Red Sox. Patriots. Celtics. Over 40. (Yeah, I know you don’t believe it. Swedish genes & Mary Kay, baby.) Graduate student in Forensic Psychology at Argosy University, Class of 2018. From these stem my thoughts.